CLEO Gold Mask

CLEO Gold Mask

The market-leading CLEO GOLD LED Light Therapy Mask is a revolutionary, next-generation full-face and neck device that offers a popular and results-driven treatment. It targets a variety of skin conditions by using a specific colour wavelength of light to
penetrate the skin at varying depths.

Using a total of 228 red and near-infrared LED lights, the combi- the nation of these two wavelengths work together to help boost circulation and promote collagen production to reduce and prevent wrinkles, smooth and balance uneven skin tone, relieve skin inflammation, sun damage, help minimise large pores, rejuvenate your complexion and well as a host of other benefits.

When Red and Near-Infrared light is absorbed by the skin, it stimulates new skin cells to grow in a healthier way, provides protection against damage and helps heal a variety of skin problems.


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