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Powerful Anti-Ageing Serum


An instant hydrating radiance that lasts. A powerful anti-ageing serum packed with Marine Collagen and natural floral waters and extracts to helps to reduce the look of fine lines, increase firmness, and restore hydration. Working to improve the skin’s definition and tone, Opatra’s fast-absorbing Collagen Facial Serum hydrates at every step, infusing your skin with moisture and nourishing properties to lock it all in to relieve any dryness and tightness. Marine Collagen encourages healthy collagen synthesis and elastin production, as Rosewater, Chamomile Water and vitamin-rich Watermelon Extract gently targets loss of density and helps to maintain the appearance of youthful skin for longer to keep it looking and feeling firm and supple.

How does it work?

An instant hydrating radiance that lasts

How to use

Product Benefits

Encourages firmness where elasticity has been lost

Maximises hydration

Lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Increases firmness and restores moisture loss

Defends the skin from environmental pollutants

Improves the appearance of the skin

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