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Refreshing Toothpaste


Opatra® Fresh toothpaste is formulated with a unique blend of ingredients to provide a wide range of benefits for your oral health. PEG-400 and COCAMIDOPROPYL work together to create a smooth and creamy toothpaste that easily spreads over your teeth. HEXAMETAPHOSPHATE helps to remove plaque and stains, leaving your teeth looking cleaner and brighter. CALCIUM CARBONATE is a natural mineral that helps to strengthen and protect your teeth, making them more resistant to decay. CELLULOSE GUM is a natural thickener that helps to keep the toothpaste in a stable, consistent consistency. SODIUM SACCHARIN is a natural sweetener that provides a pleasant taste without any added sugar. ACRYLATES, a group of chemical compounds, helps the toothpaste to form a smooth and creamy consistency while providing a longer lasting fresh breath. Together, these ingredients work to provide a comprehensive oral care experience, leaving your mouth feeling clean, refreshed, and your teeth looking healthier.

Product Benefits

Removes plaque and stains

Helps to strengthen and protect your teeth,

Helps to strengthen and protect your teeth

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