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Firm and Uplift Delicate Neck Skin


Tone up slacking skin with our Lifting Neck Cream that gets to work on loss of elasticity for a significantly younger-looking and redefined neck contour. Enriched with 1% high-tech Vitamin A, C and E encapsulated in a phospholipid sphere to enhance delivery into the deeper layers of the skin while diminishing the appearance of crepiness and sagging skin. Increasing firmness and preserving the necks youthful radiance Opatra's Neck Cream contains gently resurfacing Willow Bark Extract, moisture retaining Hyaluronic Acid restores intense hydration and prevents moisture loss, as enzymatic Pineapple Extract and plant oils with powerful firming and tightening capabilities deeply nourishes and reinforces the skin for a healthy barrier function with boosted collagen density.

How does it work?

Firm and uplift delicate neck skin

Product Benefits

Soothes and moisturises the skin

Minimises the appearance of crepiness and sagging skin

Encourages firmness where elasticity has been lost

Increases firmness and preserves radiance

Helps to speeds cell turnover without causing irritation

Restores intense hydration and prevents moisture loss

Improves density and fights dehydration

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